A concussion is caused by direct or indirect trauma to the brain. It can be considered a mild traumatic brain injury because of the impact of the brain hitting the skull and the shearing force on the brain. Concussions are now a more common and serious problem among athletes. Many of these individuals can suffer from post-concussion syndrome, which leads to cognitive, balance, and visual problems. The concussion causes chemical changes in the brain that alters its ability to function properly ultimately leading to an energy crisis within the brain. After concussions, your brain needs more energy to function.

Signs and symptoms of a concussion can last for hours, days or even months. They can also appear immediately or within several days after the injury. Some examples are dizziness, headache, neck pain, fogginess/difficulty concentrating, visual blurring/double vision, sensitivity to light or noise, memory or balance problems.

Peak Physical Therapy is on the cutting edge of the recent research and how to properly treat concussions. We will perform a detailed evaluation to determine your areas of deficit, and design a program that will help you properly re-integrate activity in a safe and effective manner.

Education will be a big part of your rehabilitation , and we will coordinate, as appropriate, with your physicians and athletic trainers to make sure you return safely to your activities.

Some of the treatments may include:
  • Education
  • Balance and proprioception exercises
  • Vestibular treatment and exercises
  • Oculomotor exercises
  • Cervical massage and manual therapy
  • Postural strength and endurance training
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