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What is Peak’s Return to Ski Program?
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Skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels would benefit from the ski and board program. It is designed to help individuals recover from injury and get back to doing what they love.

For beginner skiers, it is beneficial to build adequate strength and muscular endurance throughout the core and legs prior to getting on the mountain. This will reduce injury or reinjury risk and limit post-exercise soreness.

For advanced skiers returning from injury, it is important to make sure that the injured body part is capable of rapidly and repetitively absorbing and producing force. Side-to-side analysis can be performed to make sure that an injured body part has adequate strength, multi-planar stability, power output, and force absorption capability versus the uninjured side. This will ensure a strong ski season, with minimized risk of residual compensations that could lead to reinjury.

Who would benefit from the Ski & Board Program?
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The program consists of a functional movement screen that is specific to skiing and snowboarding movements. This screen is up to 28 parts, each focusing on mobility, strength, coordination, and other sport-specific movements will be analyzed to identify potential areas of improvement and musculoskeletal imbalances.

From there, an exercise plan will be formulated. Programs are unique to each client and designed to maximize performance and increase ability to ski and board pain-free.

What does a treatment session look like?
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After the 28 part sport-specific movement screen, sessions will focus on exercise-based treatments. Peak has access to high level gym equipment to match any identified athletic needs. This includes a large turf area for functional training, squat racks, kettlebells and free weights, resistance bands, resistance and cardio machines, and more.

Exercise routines will be led and monitored by a doctor of physical therapy, in order to progress appropriately and help navigate any challenges along the path to recovery.

What kind of injuries do we treat?
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  • Post-operative (once cleared): ACL reconstruction, meniscus arthroscopy/repair, other ligament reconstructions (foot/ankle, knee, etc.), hip labrum repair, and more.
  • Fractures - surgical and non-surgical (once cleared).
  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Back pain
  • And more!

Peak has partnered with Mass City Soccer and recently led an ACL/injury prevention training program for all youth players.

Whatever your goals might be, we can help you reach them and maximize your performance on the field!

"Taking Recovery to New Heights" on the turf in Hanover!

We can simulate the activities of any sport to ensure you're ready and safe to get back in the game

We find creative, effective ways to challenge your body and optimize your recovery

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