Pediatric Pelvic Health

Peak Physical Therapy provides one of the only pelvic floor programs to address the specific needs of the pediatric population. Often times these conditions can be resolved in as few as 4 sessions without the need for medication or surgical procedures.

Pediatric pelvic floor therapy is used to address bedwetting, daytime incontinence (urinary or fecal), urgency, frequency, dysuria, afebrile UTIs, pelvic pain and dysfunctional voiding syndrome. Following a physical therapy pelvic floor and orthopedic assessment and completion of a bladder diary, the therapist will work with the child and family to develop a child-centered plan incorporating behavior modifications, exercise modifications, and biofeedback as needed.

Below are the conditions we treat, and the treatment techniques we utilize.

  • Nocturnal Enuresis (nighttime urinary dysfunction)
  • Diurnal Enuresis (daytime urinary dysfunction)
  • Mixed Enuresis (daytime and nighttime urinary dysfunction)
  • Frequent Infection
  • Pelvic Pain
Treatment Techniques:
  • Bladder Training
  • Education
  • Exercise
  • Biofeedback
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