Spinal Fusion

Surgical spinal fusions are completed for those who have severe neck or back pain with or without nerve involvement resulting in arm or leg pain. Such situations may result from disc herniations causing compression of the spinal cord and/or spinal nerve roots, severe vertebral fractures following trauma, symptomatic spondylolisthesis with vertebral displacement, and degenerative spinal pathology that did not respond to conservative treatment.

Your surgeon will instruct you on when you will be cleared for physical therapy following the surgery. However, pre-operative rehabilitation can instruct you on safety techniques and modification to follow right after surgery as you may not see your physical therapist for several weeks. This will include how to safely get in and out of bed, dress, etc.

When you do start post-operative physical therapy care, your PT will follow a rehabilitation protocol; your surgeon may also provide a specific one to utilize.


  • Localized low back pain
  • Tightness in low back as well as into hips and legs
  • Feelings of weakness and fatigue
  • Limited range of motion


Your physical therapy treatment will focus on pain control, range of motion, scar mobility, neck and upper back strength, postural awareness and strength, and return to normal level of function including safe lifting mechanics. Your PT will give you a home exercise program to help you progress as quickly as possible.

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