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What is Peak’s Return to Ski Program?
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Skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels would benefit from the ski and board program. It is designed to help individuals recover from injury and get back to doing what they love.

For beginner skiers, it is beneficial to build adequate strength and muscular endurance throughout the core and legs prior to getting on the mountain. This will reduce injury or reinjury risk and limit post-exercise soreness.

For advanced skiers returning from injury, it is important to make sure that the injured body part is capable of rapidly and repetitively absorbing and producing force. Side-to-side analysis can be performed to make sure that an injured body part has adequate strength, multi-planar stability, power output, and force absorption capability versus the uninjured side. This will ensure a strong ski season, with minimized risk of residual compensations that could lead to reinjury.

Who would benefit from the Ski & Board Program?
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The program consists of a functional movement screen that is specific to skiing and snowboarding movements. This screen is up to 28 parts, each focusing on mobility, strength, coordination, and other sport-specific movements will be analyzed to identify potential areas of improvement and musculoskeletal imbalances.

From there, an exercise plan will be formulated. Programs are unique to each client and designed to maximize performance and increase ability to ski and board pain-free.

What does a treatment session look like?
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After the 28 part sport-specific movement screen, sessions will focus on exercise-based treatments. Peak has access to high level gym equipment to match any identified athletic needs. This includes a large turf area for functional training, squat racks, kettlebells and free weights, resistance bands, resistance and cardio machines, and more.

Exercise routines will be led and monitored by a doctor of physical therapy, in order to progress appropriately and help navigate any challenges along the path to recovery.

What kind of injuries do we treat?
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  • Post-operative (once cleared): ACL reconstruction, meniscus arthroscopy/repair, other ligament reconstructions (foot/ankle, knee, etc.), hip labrum repair, and more.
  • Fractures - surgical and non-surgical (once cleared).
  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Back pain
  • And more!

Athletic Partnership Program:

Our Athletic Partnership Program was developed to help provide education to local sports teams, clubs, and schools in the following areas:

Sports Injury Prevention and Management
  • Throwing Injuries, ACL Injury Prevention and more
  • How to prevent sports related injuries, and how to properly manage when occur
Concussion Prevention Management
  • How to prevent concussions, recognize signs of concussions, and how to properly manage
Backpack and Spine Care Program
  • Designed for High Schools to educate on proper posture, care for the spine, and proper backpack usage
Athletic Trainer Support
Provide Athletic Training Services for local high schools including:
  • North Quincy High School
  • Scituate High School
  • Hingham High School

Peak's Hanover physical therapist, Meghan Hesketh, DPT, ATC, helped to develop and implement a dynamic warm-up program for the Hingham High School girl's freshman, JV, and varsity basketball teams. Meghan is seen below teaching the varsity captains how to properly execute the warm-up to prepare for sport-specific movements, improve overall athleticism, and most importantly, help to prevent injuries.

**Peak is excited to announce our new partnership with Mass City Soccer Club!**

Mass City was formed in 2014 and has become the number 1 option for club soccer on the South Shore. They have teams that train and play in the best leagues and biggest tournaments year round, all of which are coached by their dedicated and knowledgeable coaching staff. In addition the club runs skills training through their academy program for 5-9 year olds, along with summer camps, club events and soccer trips abroad. Check out their website for more information.

Mass City Shield

PEAK Youth Performance focuses on athletic and sports performance training for boys and girls ages 8-18 to help maximize their potential of becoming better athletes and healthier people. Led by our fitness and nutrition certified coaches, we focus on building foundational to advanced programs that promote confidence and optimal performance in ANY sport. Private and group sessions are available in addition to individualized fitness programs and nutrition consulting. Get Faster and Quicker, Build Strength, Improve Conditioning, and Reduce Injury Risk at PEAK Youth Performance. For more info, search for us on Google, visit us at peakyouthperformance.comor Facebook/Instagram.

Magnitude Strength & Power is a functional strength & conditioning gym that specializes in adult training and sports performance for youth athletes. Magnitude offers a world-class workout system powered by Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning that will help you move, feel, and perform better. Their small group training model gives clients the individualized attention of a personal training program plus the motivating atmosphere of a small, supportive group. Book a trial run for their adult program or contact them about our sports performance training at our website,

Good Sport is a family business, proudly serving The South Shore since 1977. They specialize in kids team sports, with special attention to young families. They are known for their knowledgeable customer service, and there is always an owner in the building.

Laxachusetts is the premier lacrosse club in the New England region that focuses on player development of all ages in the sport of lacrosse.  Their goal is to best develop player attributes, aid in furthering their education and provide a road to a college lacrosse opportunity.

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