What is Peak Physical Therapy's "Give Back Program"?
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Peaks give back program donates a portion of every patient visit to local charities hand-picked monthly by our staff. Charities supported to date include:

I have a large deductible. Should I just pay out-of-pocket or go to a cash-based facility?
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You certainly can if you wish, and you can pay cash at Peak if you like. However, paying into your deductible has many advantages. The main advantage being that it brings you closer to meeting your deductible which would allow you to have better coverage for any additional medical care once the deductible is satisfied. In the case of a medical emergency, this is particularly beneficial.

Who do I contact with billing questions?
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Contact our billing manager and insurance specialist, Ashley Joyce, at 617-804-0708.

What happens if the weather is inclement?
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It is Peak PT’s policy to continue operations unless the weather makes patient or employee travel dangerous or impossible. If you do not feel comfortable driving in the inclement weather, we will honor your cancellation without charge. We will do our best to contact you if your appointment will be impacted by delayed openings, early closures or closure. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 781-347-4686.

What should I bring to my appointment?
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Health insurance card(s), photo ID, physical therapy prescription from referring MD (if you have one), list of medications and dosages, reports of any diagnostic tests that were performed, insurance referral (if required by your health insurance carrier)

Can I be evaluated without an insurance referral in place at the time of my visit?
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Yes, you can be evaluated. However, additional visits will not be scheduled until a referral is received in our office.

Are copayments necessary on each visit?
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Copayments are due upon your arrival at each visit. We accept Cash, Check, Debit/Cred Card forms of payment. Payment plans can be arranged as necessary.

Will reports be sent to my MD?
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Yes. Evaluations, progress reports and discharge summaries will be sent to your physician. Other Information and notes will be sent upon request Medicare certifications will be sent every 30 days to your PCP.

How long are the appointments?
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Initial evaluations are scheduled for one hour and therapy appointments are scheduled on the half hour. Treatment sessions are at least 30 minutes in length and will vary depending on the treatment plan. Women's health, men's health, and pediatric pelvic health appointments, both evaluations and treatment sessions, are scheduled for 45 minutes.

What is the difference between a doctor’s prescription and an insurance referral?
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A doctor’s prescription is an order stating a need for Physical Therapy. It commonly suggests a treatment plan or protocol. An insurance referral is a separate authorization from your health insurance provider that authorizes both treatment length and number of visits It is typically attained through your primary care physician.

What do I need from my doctor?
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Reports of any diagnostic tests that were performed, and an insurance referral if required by your health insurance carrier.

Do I need to see my doctor before physical therapy?
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No. In the state of Massachusetts, physical therapists have what is known as direct access. This means that a patient can go directly to their physical therapist without seeing their doctor first. Physical therapists are highly educated with most programs now requiring doctorate degrees. They are highly skilled at evaluating musculoskeletal and movement disorders and can easily identify if your condition needs further diagnostic testing by your doctor or specialist. In instances where the insurance dictates a referral from your doctor, we can help guide you in obtaining that.

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