Women’s Pelvic Health

There are many issues that relate specifically to women in which physical therapy can help. At Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance we have dedicated programs for these conditions. We offer these services in multiple locations, and even have a private women’s health center in Norwell. The physical therapists have specialized training in women’s health and wellness and can address these needs with individualized and discrete care. Appointments are one-on-one 45 minute sessions and covered by insurance!  Many of the conditions we treat include:

Bladder and Urinary dysfunction: Including: Urinary incontinence, urgency, frequency, hesitancy, and retention, bladder pain, interstitial cystitis (IC), and recurrent bladder infections (UTIs)

Bowel dysfunction: Including: constipation, accidental bowel leakage, urgency, and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, abdominal bloating

Pelvic Pain: Including: Myofascial pelvic pain, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), pudendal neuralgia, levator ani syndrome, vulvodynia, vaginismus, tailbone pain (coccydynia), endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor pain syndrome

Pelvic Cancer: Bladder, uterine, cervical, ovarian, endometrial, colon

Diastasis Recti:

Sexual Dysfunction: Dyspareunia, vulvodynia, vaginismus

Breast Cancer Rehab: Including: Scar tissue adhesions post-surgical and radiation treatments, lymphedema, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), reduced upper body strength and function, postural deficits

Pregnancy and Postpartum Rehab: Including: Low back pain, sacroiliac dysfunctions, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti), safe return to exercise, hernias, coccydynia, C-section scar, perineal tearing, episiotomy

Endometriosis: Including abdominal and pelvic pain, adhesion pain

Infertility: Including mechanical scar and adhesion restrictions, pelvic floor muscle disfunction

Pelvic organ prolapse: Including: bladder prolapse (cystocele), rectal prolapse and rectocele, uterine prolapse, small intestine prolapse (enterocele)

Abdominal and pelvic surgery rehab: Including: Scar tissue pain and restrictions, reduced core strength and function, postural deficits

Lymphedema: post-surgical mastectomy, lumpectomy, or biopsy; post-surgical hysterectomy, other genetic causes

Physical therapy for women’s health begins with a thorough evaluation to identify the source of the problem. Your therapist will then develop an individual treatment plan that may include education and ongoing exercise to ensure the optimum result.

Treatments may include:
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Retraining
  • Bladder Training
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Manual Therapies for internal and external pelvic floor(massage, mobilizations, muscle energy, myofascial release)
  • Biofeedback
  • Abdominal/Bowel Massage
  • Scar Mobilization
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Dilator Progressions
  • Strengthening
  • Range of Motion
  • Functional and Postural Training
  • Safe Return to Exercise Training
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Dry Needling
  • Lymphedema massage, manual lymph drainage and compression wrapping
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Education
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