Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome or Dysfunction

Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction is a common cause of low back pain related to the sacroiliac joint where the sacrum, or base of the spine, meets the pelvis. Pain can result from inflammation of the joint, strain on the ligaments around the joint, direct trauma such as with car accidents or falls, or abnormal posturing. Repetitive movements such as lifting and running can also cause SIJ pain. Lastly, SIJ dysfunction can be due to the loosening of surrounding ligaments during pregnancy.


Pain usually on one side of the low back with possible referable to the buttock, groin, down the outside of the hip, or down the back of the leg to the knee or even into the foot; often worsens with prolonged sitting or forward bending


Your physical therapist will guide you in terms of activity limitations or modifications to allow for reduction of inflammation and pain before progressing to improving joint mobility and mechanics, regaining normal muscle activation, and restoring strength especially for the core and hip muscles. Your therapist will also help you learn proper and safe body mechanics and ergonomics to reduce risk of reinjury. Lastly, your PT will provide you with a home exercise program to allow for optimal recovery.

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