What Is the Best Sport Therapy Near Me?

When it comes to sport therapy near me, athletes should never settle for sub-par treatment. Sports injuries should be taken seriously, to keep athletes playing their best game on the field, court, or lane that they know so well. Are you wondering if it’s time to visit our physical therapy Cohasset MA location for sport therapy near me? Continue reading to learn if Peak Physical Therapy’s sports therapy is right for you.

How Can We Help With Sports Injuries?

Peak Physical Therapy treats a wide range of injuries caused by sports, and our dedicated team of physical therapy Cohasset MA professionals are trained to work with you to develop a curated care plan to treat you to full recovery. Our return-to-play program is designed with each sport in mind, customized to your field requirements to help stimulate the specific sport that you are returning to.

We have a dedicated sports rehabilitation program to help young athletes, semi and professional level athletes, as well as recreational sports athletes. With our sports rehabilitation program, our team of physical therapists is capable of specially crafting a rehabilitation plan that is detailed to your specific injury, as well as the sport that you play.

What Injuries Does Peak Physical Therapy Treat for Sports Injuries?

At each Peak Physical Therapy location, we are proud to treat a wide range of sports injuries. Some of the common injuries we treat include:

Our team of physical therapy Cohasset MA professionals works with you to evaluate your pains, develop a special plan of action, and take medical history into account when deciding which care plan is best suited for you.

What Different Treatment Techniques Are Utilized?

While each care plan is different, there are a set of techniques that our physical therapy Cohasset MA team utilizes when developing a treatment plan. Our physical therapists may pull treatment techniques such as strength and conditioning, balance and agility exercises, soft tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, sports retraining, and more when creating your treatment plan. Our team decides these treatments with your best interest in mind and are tailored specifically to your injury.

Peak Physical Therapy | Sport Therapy Near Me

Peak Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and care. Our team of physical therapy Cohasset MA professionals is equipped to work with you to promote you back to full health, getting you back out on your designated sports space sooner. For more information regarding services offered at Peak Physical Therapy, contact any of our locations today or visit our website. We are here to assist you in getting back to doing what you love!

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