Treating Pain With Dry Needling

Dry needling is a modern and science-based treatment that improves pain and muscle dysfunction. Some conditions that can be treated with dry needling include neck pain, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and lower back pain. Professionals at Peak Physical Therapy Quincy MA clarify that dry needling is not the same as Chinese traditional acupuncture. Although both of these treatments use similar tools, dry needling is often used as an additional part of a larger pain management treatment.

How Is Dry Needling Done?

When dry needling is performed, your physical therapist looks for a response from the treated area. The stimulation from this treatment travels to the brain to interpret the stimulus and generate a response. Dry needling is aimed at [myofascial trigger points]( myofascial trigger point is,motor dysfunction%2C and autonomic phenomena.), tight muscle spots that are sensitive to the touch.

During the dry needling procedure, one of our physical therapists will identify the trigger areas and insert fine filiform needles into the skin and muscle. Physical therapy Quincy MA experts recommend dry needling to those who suffer from joint problems, migraine, and tension-type headaches, pelvic pain, tendinitis, and similar conditions.

The main goal of this treatment is to relax the muscles, reduce pain and restore muscle function in inactive trigger points. Regardless of your condition, dry needling is a procedure that must always be performed by a certified professional. One of our physical therapy Quincy MA experts can also create a customized physical therapy plan that goes along with your dry needling sessions.

Side Effects

Although dry needling is mostly relaxing and easy on the muscles, it can present side effects such as soreness, bruising in the dry needling area, fatigue or lack of energy during or after the treatment.

Peak Physical Therapy | Quincy MA

Our experts are highly experienced in dry needling. We treat all types of conditions utilizing unique techniques that will relieve discomfort and pain. Dry needling is not the only treatment at Peak Physical Therapy Quincy MA, our professionals offer several other therapies to treat alleviate mild, and severe physical pain. Learn more about our pain treatments and visit our website or book your appointment today.

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