Peak Physical Therapy For Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular disorders are most typically related to malfunctions or complications within the inner ear. The inner ear, as described by Mayo Clinic, is home to loop-shaped canals containing fluid and very fine hair. These canals are where our sense of balance is housed and controlled. Vestibular disorders are caused by a disruption of this balance system and can result in long-term, and occasionally debilitating dizziness. However, dizziness is not the only symptom of vestibular disorders. If you think you may have a vestibular disorder, Peak Physical Therapy Hanover MA is here to help.


If you are suffering from a vestibular disorder, it is most common to experience symptoms directly related to balance. This means frequent or persistent dizziness, is incredibly common. Other balance-related symptoms include feeling off-balance or disoriented, stumbling, or feeling as if the world is spinning around you. Many of these symptoms branch off immediately into other undesirable feelings. The constant spinning sensation may cause blurred vision and an increase in stress. This stress goes hand-in-hand with some less common symptoms like nausea, anxiety, and, for some people, fear.


Vestibular disorders is an umbrella term that covers many similar disorders with nearly identical symptoms. Despite the fact that they may feel exactly the same, these different disorders have different potential causes. If you’ve recently started taking a new medication, have an infection, frequent inner ear problems, or even a traumatic brain injury, all may be the root of your vestibular disorder. Some rare disorders, such as Mal de Debarquement, are caused by experiencing a new form of movement and your body doesn’t adjust back. For this reason, it is important to visit a physical therapy Hanover MA office so you can gain a better understanding of what may be causing your particular problems.

How Peak Physical Therapy can help

In general, the most effective way to ease the discomfort associated with vestibular disorders is through a recalibration of the body’s balance system. Peak Physical Therapy Hanover MA helps you regain and recalibrate your balance through a variety of exercises and techniques. This can be done with gaze stabilization training, habituation exercises to familiarize your body and decrease dizziness, or individualized home programs. While there may not be a guaranteed method to completely cure a vestibular disorder, these methods can greatly reduce the correlated symptoms and make your time more enjoyable as a result.

Vestibular Disorder Therapy | Peak Physical Therapy Hanover MA

If you’ve been experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, or disorientation, you may be suffering from a vestibular disorder. Whether this is a new development or a long-lasting issue, Peak Physical Therapy Hanover MA can help you. To start recovering, visit the Peak Physical Therapy website today!

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