How Physical Therapy Pembroke MA Treats ORIF with Rehabilitation

Any post-operative care will require diligent treatment and extra care. Without a watchful eye, more harm can be done than good. Especially with restorative surgeries such as ORIF, this rehabilitation is pertinent to a full and healthy recovery. The experienced team of therapists at Peak Physical Therapy Pembroke MA are here to teach you a bit about what ORIF looks like and how our physical therapy experts can help you into full recovery.

What is ORIF?

ORIF stands for open reduction and internal fixation. This procedure is done to repair and stabilize bones that have been severely broken, commonly performed on various parts of the body such as the elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, etc. Because this procedure is typically done on severe breaks, hardware such as plates, screws, wires, pins, and rods are frequently used. In most cases, a hard cast or a walking boot will be required to assist in stability.

ORIF Side Effects and Symptoms

Because of the severity of the procedure, it is likely that patients will face a variety of different symptoms that may affect everyday tasks. Symptoms include:

  • Loss of strength
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Difficulty Performing everyday activities

Peak Physical Therapy Pembroke MA for ORIF

Because the ORIF procedure looks different for every break, your physical therapist will need to determine appropriate treatment specifically for each case. Treatment may include working to reduce swelling, improving joint mobility, restoring range of motion, increasing functional strength and balance, and restoring normal function. Your physical therapy Pembroke MA therapist will provide patients with an at-home exercise program to ensure that the proper healing is achieved.

Peak Physical Therapy | Pembroke, MA

At Peak Physical Therapy, our goal is to restore you to your original health. We strive to achieve the ultimate strength retrieval for each and every patient. Our locations include physical therapy Pembroke MA, Quincy MA, Braintree MA, Norwell MA, Hanover MA, and Scituate MA. Achieve the best and fastest results with our specialized care plans. To learn more about our services and about our no-obligation FREE injury screening, visit our website.

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