Tips to Avoid Injuries Over Winter From South Shore Physical Therapy Professionals

While walking in a winter wonderland sounds dreamy, it's time that we all take a little extra precaution during this time of year! Injuries can become more prevalent, especially with freezing temperatures putting layers of snow and ice on the ground. Our physical therapy Hanover MA professionals want to keep you safe and healthy with these tips on how you can reduce injury this winter season. Read on to learn more!


Regardless of the time of year, we recommend that you lift objects with your legs and not your back. Lifting with your back can increase the risk of injury and potentially lead to more fatal issues, such as chronic back pain or a disc injury. To correctly lift, bend the legs and lift while straightening out the legs, utilizing the thigh and calf muscles to stabilize. Keep the weight as close to your center of gravity as possible to reduce the risk of losing your balance. Physical therapy Hanover MA professionals say that the key to a successful lift is with squared, steady feet. Make sure that your feet are firmly on the ground, roughly shoulder-width apart, and do not have the potential to trip over debris or other items.


Stretching is important year-round; However, taking the time to stretch during the colder months is especially important to manage your mobility. In the morning, physical therapy Hanover MA practitioners recommend following along with a stretching or yoga video to start your day. Making sure to stretch your spine is a great way to maximize your mobility! If you are in need of some inspiration for different stretch techniques, contact our physical therapy Hanover MA location today. We would love to discuss different stretching methods with you!

Keeping Safe During Winter Sports

One of the best parts of winter is the variety of winter sports options available to you! While this is a great way to stay active and keep in shape while the temperatures are dropping, these sports can also be dangerous. When going on your next ski or snowboarding trip, make sure you're practicing safety. Wearing a helmet is the best way to protect yourself from a potential head injury.

Snowsports also lead the way in knee pains and strains. Making sure that you are wearing your ski/board boots correctly and taking extra care on the slopes can prevent you from absorbing too much shock in your joints. If you or your child notices a pain in your knee that persists longer than a few days, our pediatric pt Braintree MA team recommends that you come and visit any of our Peak Physical Therapy locations for an evaluation and treatment plan with our qualified physical therapists.

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At Peak Physical Therapy, we are passionate about providing our patients with the best quality of life. That's why we offer a multitude of services that are catered to your injury or physical therapy need! From aquatic therapy and spine therapy to fall prevention and general orthopedic, our physical therapy Hanover MA offices are prepared to treat you with industry-leading care. For more information about how Peak Physical Therapy can help you, visit our website or contact us today.

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