Prehab with Peak Physical Therapy South Shore MA

Many emphasize the importance of rehabilitation post-surgery for a successful recovery, but why don't we typically hear much about "prehab?" Attending physical therapy for rehab BEFORE your elective surgery (i.e. “prehab”) can accelerate a patient's post-operative recovery. Your physical therapist at Peak Physical Therapy can address deficits in your range of motion, flexibility, strength, and balance as well as manage pain while you are waiting to undergo your surgical procedure. Research shows that patients who attend physical therapy prior to their surgery have better outcomes and require less rehabilitation post-operation. Learn more about prehab from Peak Physical Therapy, your local physical therapy South Shore MA office below.

What is Prehab?

Prehab is participation in therapy-based movements and exercises before an operation in order to avoid injury, decrease pain, or to prepare for a surgery. It is considered a proactive approach and can address deficits in strength, stability, range of motion, balance and overall joint function in patients. It can be used as a preventative mechanism to decrease the risk of injury and/or to optimize your functional ability and quality of life. Prehab can include exercises for general strength, conditioning, sports performance or overall prevention of injury. It is generally recommended to engage in prehab approximately 2 months before undergoing an operation, however, each patient's body is different.

What are the Benefits of Prehab?

Traditionally, patients are referred to Peak Physical Therapy South Shore MA within 3-14 days after their procedure. During this time, patients can be in pain, under heavy influence of pain medication, and scared that physical therapy will hurt them. When a patient opts for prehab instead, they can establish a rapport with their physical therapist, and their PT can answer any questions they may have about using braces and walking devices after surgery.

Additionally, for patients, the opportunity to prepare your mind and body for what it is about to go through during surgery is a major benefit of prehab. This provides the opportunity to begin exercises that are going to be addressed again post-surgery, to begin building the strength and ability of the muscles for the best outcomes possible. Research has shown that prehab prior to a total knee or hip replacement, of which is the most common joint replacement surgeries, significantly improves functional outcomes and strength of the muscles.

How to Get Prehab?

The best approach to prehab is having individual sessions with a physical therapist at your local Peak Physical Therapy South Shore MA office. The experienced team of physical therapists at Peak Physical Therapy will then work together with your surgeon and you to ensure the most productive prehab exercises, stretches, and regimens are being performed to achieve optimal preparedness for surgery and post-surgery.

Prehab with Peak Physical Therapy South Shore MA

At Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness, we strive to restore full mobility to the affected area, increase general strength and functionality. We also work to improve balance, proprioception, and endurance to prepare the joints and muscles to return to your normal daily activities and job requirements in a safe and effective manner. Our four convenient locations give you greater access to the physical therapy South Shore MA's best services. The locations include Norwell, MA, Scituate, MA, Quincy, MA, and Hanover, MA. Our state-of-the-art facilities include access to the best treatments and equipment to ensure a fast recovery. We've even expanded our facilities to include access to therapy pools as well as indoor sports fields. If you're unsure whether physical therapy can help you, we offer a no-obligation FREE injury screening. Click here for more information.

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