How You Can Benefit from Aquatic Therapy with Peak Physical Therapy

Aquatic therapy has become an increasingly popular and beneficial form of therapy for a wide variety of ailments. Aquatic therapy utilizes the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance, but how can something so simple be so effective? Peak Physical Therapy Braintree MA offers a renowned aquatic therapy regimen for patients to experience. To learn more about how aquatic therapy could benefit you, continue reading.

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is the term that refers to exercises and stretches performed in water that benefit relaxation, fitness levels, physical rehabilitation and a variety of other therapeutic benefits. When exercise is performed in water, it can bring relief and benefit a patient by reducing joint and tissue swelling from the natural pressure applied. In addition, the resistance of water allows a patient to achieve effective muscle strengthening with far less pain than land-based therapy.

What are the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy?

There are numerous benefits to aquatic therapy that physical therapy Braintree MA uses to assist in patient healing and exercise performance. One benefit of aquatic therapy is the buoyancy provided by the water. While submerged in water, buoyancy assists patients in supporting their body weight. This decreases the amount of weight-bearing, which reduces the force of stress placed on the joints, muscles, and injuries.

The viscosity of water provides an exceptional source of resistance without forcing the body to strain. This can be easily incorporated into an aquatic therapy exercise program where the natural resistance applied allows for muscle strengthening without the need for weights.

Lastly, the warmth of the water experience during aquatic therapy assists in relaxing muscles and  vessels, increasing blood flow to injured areas. Patients with muscle spasms, back pain, and fibromyalgia find this aspect of aquatic therapy especially therapeutic.

Aquatic Therapy with Peak Physical Therapy Braintree MA

Our Aquatic Therapy is an exciting form of treatment, delivered by specially trained physical therapists in a temperature-controlled pool setting. Not only is it a refreshing change of pace from land-based therapy, but can also be used in cases where individuals are in a great deal of pain and are not able to put full weight on limbs. Aquatic Therapy is a great way to gain motion, and in some cases, can help prepare you for land-based therapy.

Our six convenient locations give you greater access to the South Shore's best physical therapy Braintree MA services. The locations include Braintree, MA, Norwell, MA, Scituate, MA, Quincy, MA, and Hanover, MA. Our state-of-the-art facilities include access to the best treatments and equipment to ensure a fast recovery. We've even expanded our facilities to include access to therapy pools as well as indoor sports fields. If you're unsure whether physical therapy can help you, we offer a no-obligation FREE injury screening. Click here for more information.

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