How To Fix Toe Walking

Toe-walking is a common type of developmental condition that can be easily solved through pediatric physical therapy Braintree MA. Toe-walking is most common amongst toddlers, especially during their journey in learning to walk. So, what is toe walking, what causes it, and how do you fix toe walking? Our team of pediatric pt Braintree MA professionals is here to help you answer these questions.

What is toe-walking, and what causes it?

Toe walking is diagnosed as the habit that forms when kids walk on the balls of their feet and their toes, with their heels off of the ground. Different types of toe-walking take different traits due to a number of causes. These types include:

Idiopathic Toe-Walking

Idiopathic toe-walking is the more common form of toe-walking. The child chooses to walk with a toe-toe gait pattern despite there being no known cause of that gait pattern. Idiopathic toe-walking can also be referred to as habitual toe-walking.

Toe-Walking Caused by Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Children with CP may experience toe-walking as a symptom of their gastrocnemius which is typically spastic in the calf muscles. The spasticity in the calve forces the muscles to continuously contract, causing the toes to be pointed in a seated position or standing up on their toes in a standing position. If your child has CP and is toe-walking, we recommend that you bring your child to our pediatric physical therapy Braintree MA location. Our team of pediatric pt Braintree MA professionals will work with you to develop a care plan that best suits your child’s lifestyle and wellness.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The root of some toe-walking issues may originate from the need to experience sensory stimulation that is present when a child is walking on their toes. This form of toe-walking does not develop due to spasticity in the calf muscles, but instead completely from the need for sensory.

How do we fix toe-walking?

Our team of pediatric physical therapy Braintree MA professionals can perform a comprehensive evaluation to meet your child’s healthcare needs. Our physical therapy Braintree MA team evaluates your child’s pain levels, strength, range of motion, motor skills, coordination, and balance to develop their individualized care program to ensure optimum results. Your therapist will complete a comprehensive and individualized evaluation using a series of assessments and age-appropriate standardized tests and measures. We work with your family to develop at-home exercises that will maximize your child’s results and independence. Here are a few of the care program exercises and activities that can help to correct toe-walking:

  • bear walk
  • heel walking
  • squat play
  • wall stretches
  • long sit stretches
  • light yoga

Peak Physical Therapy will tailor your child’s pt program to meet the needs of the toe-walking condition that your child has.

Peak Physical Therapy | Pediatric Physical Therapy Braintree MA

Peak Physical Therapy is here to help your child experience the confidence and independence that they deserve. With our pediatric pt Braintree MA program, your child will receive individualized and comprehensive care. For more information regarding our pediatric pt Braintree MA care, contact us today or visit our website.

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