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Our highly-skilled, compassionate physical therapists are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for patients of all ages and conditions across the South Shore. Peak Care. Peak Results.

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Patient Perspective

Knowledgeable, professional, and up front about the work and treatment needed.

I had a torn meniscus for several years before going to Peak. Right from the first meeting, Chris was extremely knowledgeable, professional and up front with the work we had to do to get me back running.  very subsequent visit, it was made known that we were taking on this task as a team, which made the therapy much more enjoyable. Also, Chris and the staff at Peak were extremely personable, which made the atmosphere more relaxed. Overall, Peak was an amazing place to go for physical therapy and I highly recommend it.

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John J. mann

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Physical Therapy

Aches and pains shouldn't be ignored, and should receive immediate treatment

At Peak Physical Therapy, we’ll perform a thorough 60 minute evaluation to help determine the primary cause of your pain and debilitation. We take a detailed history, and evaluate your body using a myriad of special tests to help develop a rehab plan that will address your specific needs.

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Sports Therapy

Get back to playing the sport you love, safer and stronger than ever

At Peak Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, we utilize a 5 -Step Program to help athletes stay healthy, rehabilitate, and return to their sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to athletics, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete.

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Aquatic therapy

A great way to gain motion and prepare for land-based therapy

Our Aquatic Therapy is an exciting form of treatment, delivered by specially-trained physical therapists in a pool setting. Not only is it a refreshing change of pace from land-based therapy, but can also be used in cases where individuals are in a great deal of pain and are not able to put full weight on limbs.

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Pelvic Health

Pelvic diagnoses can be complex; treatment doesn’t have to be

Our team has expertise in the treatment of conditions that affect the muscles and connective tissue of the pelvic organs. These include pelvic pain, endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.


Our goal is to maximize your child’s potential, confidence, and independence in their everyday activities

At Peak Pediatric Physical Therapy, we treat children as they grow from newborns to young adults. Our skilled specialists provide your child individualized rehabilitation services to help with everything from developmental diseases, congenital conditions, gait and mobility limitations, and more.


About Us

In order to provide the best care possible, Peak Physical Therapy and Sports Performance has assembled a compassionate and professional team with the highest levels of education to help our patients achieve optimum results. Many of our therapists specialize in specific areas of physical therapy.

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