Can Inguinal Hernias Cause Back Pain?

Inguinal hernias, a common condition where tissue protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles, primarily affects the groin area. However, many patients wonder if this condition can also cause back pain. To offer more guidance for patients struggling with inguinal hernias, our team at Peak Physical Therapy has outlined their effects on the body and how pelvic floor physical therapy Massachusetts treatments can help aid their recovery.

Understanding Inguinal Hernias and Back Pain

An inguinal hernia occurs when part of the intestine or fatty tissue pushes through the inguinal canal in the lower abdomen. While the primary symptoms include groin pain and a noticeable bulge, some patients report experiencing back pain as well.

How do inguinal hernias cause back pain?

Back pain stemming from inguinal hernias results from the altered biomechanics and compensatory movements caused by the hernia. This discomfort and imbalance can strain the lower back muscles, legs, hips, and genitals.

How can pelvic floor physical therapy Massachusetts treatments help?

While most inguinal hernias require surgical removal, pelvic floor physical therapy Massachusetts treatments offer a holistic approach to manage symptoms, including associated back pain. By strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles, our physical therapist Quincy MA team can help alleviate the strain on the lower back and reduce pain.

Treatment Approaches:

  • Our physical therapists can prescribe exercises to strengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. These exercises help support the herniated area and improve overall stability.
  • Hands-on techniques such as soft tissue massage and mobilization can relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow, aiding in pain relief and healing.
  • Proper posture is essential in reducing strain on the lower back. Physical therapy Quincy MA treatments include education on maintaining correct posture during daily activities to prevent further injury.

Contact Our Pelvic Physical Therapist Quincy MA Team

Our pelvic floor physical therapy Massachusetts treatments offer patients a holistic approach to alleviating back and pelvic floor pain caused by inguinal hernias. Our caring team at Peak Physical Therapy is here to provide a personalized plan to address your unique symptoms and improve your quality of life. Browse our pelvic health services today to learn how we can help you begin a new chapter in your wellness journey.

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