How to Heal Shin Splints Fast

If you are experiencing persistent shin splints, your best bet for proper care is from a trusted sports therapist near me. Peak Physical Therapy offers professional care that teaches you how to heal shin splints fast and prevent shin splints from happening in the future. Your leading sports therapists near me share the top three treatment methods for how to heal shin splints fast. Read on to learn how to heal shin splints fast before they start from the premier group of sports therapists near me.

Invest in Athletic Shoes

One of the most significant culprits for shin splints that our sports therapists near me have found is ill-fitting athletic shoes. Each athlete is different. With this in mind, each athlete requires unique shoe specifications to the appropriate support, balance, and protection they need. Your sports therapist near me at Peak Physical Therapy recommends investing in a pair of quality athletic shoes equipped with the appropriate arch support and stability you need. Trusted brands include:

When searching for the perfect athletic shoe, your sports therapists near me recommend shopping at a specialty store that can properly fit you for the shoe that best supports you. The type of athletic shoe you are searching for will determine what features you should prioritize. Be sure the shoe provides appropriate shock absorption, support, flexibility, stability, and comfort.

Consider Shoe Modifications

If you are still experiencing shin splints after purchasing new shoes or are searching for a more affordable option, adding shoe modifications is another trusted method to try when solving how to heal shin splints fast. Consider adding arch support for your athletic shoes to prevent the pain of shin splints. Adding arch supports may be especially beneficial for those with flat feet trying to seek out how to heal shin splints fast. Shock-absorbing insoles are another shoe modification that can add extra protection to your shins when partaking in high-impact sports such as running, basketball, and football.

Try Physical Therapy

If you have exhausted your resources outside the doctor’s office, it may be time to head to your sports therapist near me. If your self-treatment efforts did not relieve your symptoms, going to sports therapists near me at Peak Physical Therapy is the most reliable option for how to heal shin splints fast. Peak Physical Therapy has a dedicated sports rehab program for those seeking sports injury remedies, including how to heal shin splints fast. Based on the severity of your symptoms, your sports therapist near me will focus your curated treatment on restoring strength, and flexibility, reducing inflammation and swelling, improving range of motion, and balance, and modifying activities as needed.

Peak Physical Therapy | Premier Sports Therapy Care

The sports therapy team at Peak Physical Therapy dedicates themselves to relieving your pain and providing you with valuable resources that prevent future injury. Our team of sports therapists near me design our physical therapy programs with industry-leading techniques and activities in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our combination of in-office and at-home exercise programs works to ensure that you experience results fast. For more information regarding our sports therapy programs, visit the Peak Physical Therapy website today.

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