How Physical Therapy Can Improve Cerviogenic Headaches

Suffering from chronic headaches is one of the most common symptoms adults have. An intense headache can be related to different causes and have significant impacts in a patient's life. Patients with chronic headache attacks have reported neck stiffness, neck pain, nausea, and occasional sensitivity to light. These symptoms are known as cerviogenic headaches, and they present intense pain that mainly radiates from the upper back extended through the neck and shoulders. Luckily, Peak Physical Therapy Norwell MA has extensive experience in spine therapy that can bring some relieve to those unpleasant headaches.

Common Causes

Although stress and tension are key factors, one of the most common causes to cerviogenic headaches is the type of work you do. Those who spend more time in an office, sitting in front of a desk are more likely to present symptoms and suffer from moderate to severe cerviogenic headaches. In addition, fractures, trauma to certain areas in the spine and other illnesses can contribute the the severity of cerviogenic headaches.

Cerviogenic Headaches and Physical Therapy Norwell MA

Our spine plays an important role in our everyday life, and having constant pain in our cervical area can lead to bigger health issues. While most people often take painkillers to feel some type of relief, these headaches tend to come back if not diagnosed properly. Physical Therapy is categorized as a gentle way to treat cerviogenic headaches, and the first step to decrease the pain and improve your mobility. At Peak Therapy physical therapy Norwell MA, our specialists customize treatments for each patient according to their needs. Some of these treatments include manual therapy and cervical traction therapy. We provide with outstanding services that will reduce the pain and inflammation that is causing discomfort, as well as restore balance to the spine and muscles. If you ready to schedule an appointment with Peak Physical Therapy, BOOK NOW!

Tips while you wait for your appointment...

  • Neck stretch: Imagine you are drawing a circle with your nose. Start by going in a clockwise direction for 20 seconds and continue this exercise in the opposite direction for 20 more seconds. This exercise will relax your neck and increase mobility; repeat multiple times during the day as needed.
  • Shoulder stretch: Touch your shoulders with your fingertips and draw circles back and forth with your elbows to release tension in the shoulders and neck area.
  • If you work in an office setting and have to seat for long periods of time, take 5 minute breaks to walk around or even just stand and move your legs. Repeat this as needed, multiple times during the day.

Peak Physical Therapy | Norwell, MA

At Peak Physical Therapy, we offer the best physical therapy Norwell MA services, and can develop a treatment plan specifically for you and your injuries. If you're unsure of what physical therapy is right for you, contact us at Peak Physical Therapy Norwell MA - we're here and ready to help!

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