Benefits of South Shore Physical Therapy in the Wintertime

Although it's only October, colder temperatures are on the rise. The transition from fall to winter and the arrival of the holiday season might get you to stop your daily workout routine. South Shore physical therapy experts suggest staying active during the colder months is beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis, back and joint pain, as well as those who want to prevent injuries from happening. Physical therapy sessions are crucial to maintaining your body's mobility and preventing injuries during the colder season.

Physical Therapy During the Cold Months

Builds Muscle Strength: While a workout routine is important in the wintertime, scheduling a  South Shore physical therapy session will help you build muscle strength and endurance. Focusing on regaining muscle mass with physical therapy will complement your workout routines and avoid injuries during the colder season.

Increases Mobility and Flexibility: One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy treatment is the increase in the range of motion and flexibility. During the wintertime, it's common to feel stiff and less flexible, due to the muscles adjusting to lower temperatures. Visiting a South Shore physical therapy specialist can be incredibly helpful in improving functional motion, and boosting leg and core strength.

Increases Balance: A tailored program created by a South Shore physical therapy expert is important to improve balance. During our program sessions, one of our professionals will perform screening and determine a plan that includes specific exercises to increase balance. Furthermore, our experts will educate the patient teaching them movements that they can practice at home to avoid falls in icy conditions.

Prevents Strains and Injuries: During the winter months, strains and injuries are more common. You can easily strain your back just by the simple action of shoveling snow. On the other hand, lower temperatures tighten the muscles and make them more rigid. South Shore physical therapy sessions don't only relieve the pain in the case of injuries, but they also prevent them from happening in the future.

Peak Physical Therapy | South Shore

The professional at Peak Physical Therapy are experts in performing screenings to create a customized program for you. Whether you want to avoid losing muscle mobility and strength, or you want a tailored treatment for fall prevention, our therapists are ready to assist you with your needs. Let us help you this winter season and visit our website or contact us today.

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